Source code for solcore.material_system.create_new_material

# to add a new material to the database, so that it can be created like a built-in
# Solcore material, its path has to be added to the config file and
# Have to copy the relevant n, k and parameter files into that folder.

import os

from shutil import copyfile, move
from re import sub
from solcore import config, SOLCORE_ROOT
from solcore.parameter_system import ParameterSystem
from solcore.config_tools import add_source

[docs]def create_new_material(mat_name, n_source, k_source, parameter_source = None): """ This function adds a new material to Solcore's material_data folder, so that it can be called like a built-in material. It needs a name for the new material, and source files for the n and k data and other parameters which will be copied into the material_data/Custom folder. :param mat_name: the name of the new material :param n_source: path of the n values (txt file, first column wavelength in m, second column n) :param k_source: path of the n values (txt file, first column wavelength in m, second column k) :return: parameter_source: file with list of materials for the new material """ CUSTOM_PATH = os.path.abspath(config['Others']['custom_mats'].replace('SOLCORE_ROOT', SOLCORE_ROOT)) PARAMETER_PATH = os.path.abspath(config['Parameters']['custom'].replace('SOLCORE_ROOT', SOLCORE_ROOT)) # check if there is already a material with this name if mat_name not in sorted(ParameterSystem().database.sections()): # create a folder in the custom materials folders folder = os.path.join(CUSTOM_PATH, mat_name + '-Material') if not os.path.exists(folder) and folder != "": os.makedirs(folder) else: print('This material already exists (or at least, a folder for it).') # copy n and k data files to the material's folder copyfile(n_source, os.path.join(folder, 'n.txt')) copyfile(k_source, os.path.join(folder, 'k.txt')) # create the parameter file if it doesn't already exist if not os.path.isfile(PARAMETER_PATH): open(PARAMETER_PATH, 'a').close() # append the parameters for the new material fout = open(PARAMETER_PATH, "r") existing_parameters = fout.close() if not '[' + mat_name + ']' in existing_parameters: # make sure the names match if parameter_source is not None: fin = open(parameter_source, "r") parameters = + '\n\n' parameters = sub("\[[^]]*\]", lambda x:, '[' + mat_name + ']'), parameters) fin.close() else: parameters = '[' + mat_name + ']\n\n' print('Material created with optical constants n and k only, no other parameters provided.') fout = open(PARAMETER_PATH, "a") fout.write(parameters) fout.close() else: print('There are already parameters for this material in the custom parameter file at ' + PARAMETER_PATH) # modify the user's config file (in their home folder) to include the relevant paths new_entry = mat_name + ' = ' + config['Others']['custom_mats'] + '/' + mat_name + '-Material\n' home_folder = os.path.expanduser('~') user_config = os.path.join(home_folder, '.solcore_config.txt') existing_config = open(user_config, 'r').read() if not new_entry in existing_config: add_source('Materials', mat_name, config['Others']['custom_mats'] + '/' + mat_name + '-Material') else: print('A path for this material was already added to the Solcore config file in the home directory.') else: print('There is already a material with this name - choose a different one.')
# # Finally add the relevant paths to the file. # # Don't need to add the full path, just relative to where the MANIFEST file is. # Don't think this is necessary if it's installed as a package? # # path_toadd = folder.replace(SOLCORE_ROOT, 'solcore') # new_entry = '\ninclude ' + os.path.join(path_toadd, 'n.txt').replace("\\","/") +' \ninclude ' + os.path.join(path_toadd, 'k.txt').replace("\\","/") # # MANIFEST_PATH = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(SOLCORE_ROOT), '') # # existing_manifest = open(MANIFEST_PATH, 'r').read() # # # check if it's already been added # if not new_entry in existing_manifest: # fout = open(MANIFEST_PATH, "a") # fout.write(new_entry) # fout.close() # else: # print('A path for this material was already added to the file in the package directory')