Source code for solcore.state

from collections import OrderedDict

[docs]class State(OrderedDict): """ This class defines a convent way of expanding the attributes of an object, usually fixed during the definition of the class. In this case, the class is just a dictionary - a special type of it - and attributes are expanded by adding new keys to it. """ def __getattr__(self, name): # print ("***", name) if name in ["_OrderedDict__root", "_OrderedDict__map"]: return OrderedDict.__getattribute__(self, name) if name in self: return self[name] else: raise KeyError("The state object does not have an entry for the key '%s'." % (name,)) def __setattr__(self, name, value): if name in ["_OrderedDict__root", "_OrderedDict__map", "_OrderedDict__hardroot"]: return OrderedDict.__setattr__(self, name, value) self[name] = value
# if __name__ == "__main__": a = State() a.a = 0 a.b = 1 a.c = 2 a["d"] = 3 print(a)